All glasses are made with care and attention.

They are handmade products from the frame press of the original wood piece to the sanding and finishing.


Our aim at Wooden Sunnies is not only to provide customers with an organic and natural sunglass option but to add some exclusive elements to their eyewear fashion.

We have a variety of different shades and coloured wood in our collection and some of our sunglass styles feature a layered concept to add originality to the design.

Wooden Sunnies come

with a high quality lense to compliment the wooden frames. Our lens are composed of polycarbonate which are polarised and provide UV400 eye protection from the sun. Each glass range offers different lense qualities such as gradient shade, coloured tints and REVO mirrored styling.


Lense Quality

Polarized lenses can block bright glare of horizontal surface reflection in order to reduce visual fatigue, inprove visual comfort.

Glare-free Vision
Natural Colors
100%UV400 Protection
Clear Contrasts
EUR Euro
IDR Indonesian rupiah