Wooden Sunnies is an Australian-based venture, inspired by the use of natural wood and plant materials to create bright, fun, eco-fashion eyewear.

The idea to use environmentally-friendly, renewable plant materials led to the creation of a range that includes: Bamboo, Zebra Wood, Ebony Wood, Walnut Wood and Rosewood.

These materials are a refreshing world apart from the usual plastic and metal-framed sunglasses that proliferate in pharmacies, department stores, designer stores and countless online outlets.

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At Wooden Sunnies, we constantly adopt current eyewear trends and popular designer styles, so your natural sunglasses will always be on trend.

They WILL become your fave fashion accessory – so don’t leave home without them!

A charity close to our heart is Plasticoceans.org.

When you make your order Online, we will donate $5 to this organisation.

Your Wooden Sunnies purchase will help this cause and your generosity will be greatly appreciated.

The devastation wreaked by the ever-increasing use of plastic disposable items and the desire for cheaper materials has made the ocean the world’s biggest trash can. The effect on the environment is horrific.

Plasticoceans.org is leading the charge to clean up our oceans, helping birds, animals and aquatic life that depend on the ocean for their survival.

At Wooden Sunnies, we’re proud of our product. We feature bamboo and wooden organic materials in our manufacturing to lessen the impact of plastics on our environment.

Plasticoceans.Org are doing a great job in educating and funding projects to help the aquatic worlds and its inhabitants.

Your purchase will help this cause and is greatly appreciated.

Please go check their Website for more updates.

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